"Every creation has an artistic soul hidden within it, like a secret, the content of which can only be discovered by wearing it."


Sustainability :

By purchasing a knitwear item from the Arletty collections, you contribute to the evolution of ethical fashion, made with a natural fiber, 100% recyclable.

We have always strived, day after day, to affirm our commitment to the planet and keep our production chain entirely in Italy at highly qualified small knitwear factories that guarantee social sustainability.

We also make use of the exclusive use of Zegna baruffa yarns , whose commitment to animal and environmental welfare is certified through the "RWS-Responsible Wool Standard certification", the "Chemical Management 4sustainability®" and the "GRS - Global Recycle Standard" .

We love to be transparent, which is why in our knitwear garments, in addition to the origin of Made In Italy, you can find further labeling that traces the lot of Zagna Baruffa yarn that was used to make that garment.

Our creations are famous for lasting a long time, have an average life of about 20/30 years, certainly with an Arletty you buy a garment that will have a long life and at the end of its use it will be 100% recyclable.

In 2018 we received recognition from the Rome Chamber of Commerce for a circular development project inherent to our brand.

Empowering Woman :

Arletty is a family-run business made up of women only, 90% of the knitwear factories we use are made up of women themselves. For us, promoting gender equality and women's empowerment today is not only a social duty, but it is also the only way to ensure that the culture we live in becomes more and more inclusive and equitable. Since its foundation, with the Arletty brand we have advocated an approach to fashion based on well-being and body positivity, promoting self-confidence as a means of empowering women. At ease, beautiful, elegant and comfortable, these are the objectives at the base of our philosophy. We create timeless garments that can be multitasking like our customers: women who leave the house in the morning to work and to return only late in the evening, after perhaps going out for a meeting in their free time.

Made in Italy :

Our knitwear production is entirely made in Italy: from the processing of the raw material to the garment that will end up in your wardrobe, we work in Italy at highly qualified knitwear factories.

Attention to detail is one of our priorities, each garment is subjected to a strict quality control system.

Search :

We participate in international fairs both as exhibitors and as buyers. Thanks to this opportunity, we carry out a continuous research and selection of small emerging design brands that we offer in our boutique and online. Our company is always open to collaborations with young designers as we believe it is important to give space to the new generations by bringing experimentation and innovation to our team.


It is the sixties, Arlette is in her room in Milan, she is nine years old and her favorite game is to cut out and sew colorful dresses for dolls by hand. Her mother Mireille notices her particular gifts and soon gives her a Necchi sewing machine, ironically named “Starlette”. This is the first spark that will lead Arlette to feel the need to express her creativity through fashion.

After numerous work experiences with other brands, in the nineties she moved to Rome and decided to give fruit to the skills acquired by proposing her own line of knitwear, thus Arletty was born.

She draws inspiration from her daily life as a working and dynamic mother to create collections with modern and deconstructed lines with bright colors and combined in an unusual way. Influenced by the overflowing energy of contemporary women, Arlette creates a brand that represents everything she would like to find in a garment: quality, elegance, sophistication, femininity, volume, natural fibers, creativity and respect for the environment.

Arlette's passion has been fueled for 15 years by the collaboration of her daughter Miriam who deals with the international market and to follow the production and sale of the collections.

Our know How

We are...

We are the thread of a yarn that runs in the knitting machine through the horizontal needle beds and slowly descends transformed into a cloth.

We are the amazed gaze of those who observe this magic without ever getting tired of it.

We are the hand that weaves a yarn on its fingers to feel its structure and guess its type.

We are the tip of the pencil that begins the tracing of a new model on a white sheet.

We are those who look for the most harmonious composition of colors and shapes to convey emotions to you.

We are Maria, our model maker, when she slips the scissors on the cloth, cutting it quickly as if she already saw the composed garment.

We are the joy of bringing the collection to life after months of endless work.

We are the light in your eyes when you casually look at yourself in front of a mirror wearing one of our garments.

We are your smile when you leave our boutique and hide the gift you gave to yourself in the envelope.

We are the passion that animates our creativity day after day.

This and much more is what we are.


We have always participated at international fairs and experimented with new techniques and machinery in the field of knitwear.

To work wool and choose it, you need to know it thoroughly, appreciate the discoveries, allow yourself the patience to make mistakes and learn from these mistakes in order to never stop improving. To date we can say that we are technically competent in the knitwear sector and we use highly qualified manufacturers that provide us with a guarantee in this regard.

Each of our garments is scrupulously studied by a team of women who together determine its genesis. Having the opportunity to give life to your creative ideas starting from a thread is always a very strong emotion, perhaps what we prefer about our profession.

Personalization (b2b)

By keeping our identity firm, our collections can be lightly customized according to the needs of the B2B customer.

We do our best to allow our resellers to be able to present a knitwear product that meets the needs of their customers as much as possible.

If you have an idea, don't hesitate to contact us: let's talk about it!

Personal Shopper

We thought a lot before opening an e-commerce site, precisely because in our opinion the direct relationship was missing.

We are at your disposal with our advice to provide you with a free 360 * consultancy service.

Miriam and Arlette will advise and guide you in choosing the most suitable garment by email or through a video call.

Together we will create an outfit that can fully correspond to what you are looking for and that meets your needs.

If you are interested click here and write to us, even if only for a greeting, we can only welcome this contact with you. Thank you.